Pre-lasting and lasting of the shoe

The objective of Atom MB technology is to propose machines to automate and simplify the operations of pre-lasting and lasting of the shoe, with the help of a simple programming for the user, while always respecting the quality of traditional shoe-making.

Innovation and tradition

We blend innovation and tradition in an optimal bond that respects high quality traditional shoes, and provides the ultimate technologies that simplify the lasting operations of the shoe: innovation and quality at the service of design.


Our highly respected know-how, together with numerous years of experience, makes Atom MBa company  that is well-known all over the world for the reliability and quality of its machines.

Why choose Atom MB:

  • 60 years of specific experience in footwear lasting
  • qualified staff ready to respond to all the needs of the modern shoe factories
  • assistance from design to after-sales and spare parts service
  • rely on the Atom Group, supported by a single expert partner in the choice of a more complete and integrated range of machinery for the production of footwear


Atom MB has produced shoe lasting machines for over 60 years.
The company combines exceptional versatility, satisfying the changing needs of production and the market, with traditional high quality footwear lasting.
Innovation and tradition come together in a perfect combination that respects the quality required by traditional footwear, combined with the latest technology that simplifies the operations on the shoe.
Low-consumption motors with “start & stop” functionality, as well as advanced touch screen management systems for total control of  movements (even remotely): these are the flagship features of Atom MB machines, at the service of the most modern shoe factories.

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