Posted by Atom MB

The automation of production processes is now a reality, thanks to RAMS – Robot Assisted Manufacturing System, the innovative footwear production system presented at Simac Tanning Tech by Atom MB and Atom Lab.

The cell consists of several modular elements, effectively integrating specialized machines in individual production operations and anthropomorphic robots designed for the processing of the shoe, as well as configurablecontrol systems and buffers according to specific production needs.

Innovative, modular and flexible, designed to be integrated into existing production systems and to relieve operators of low added value phases (such as materials loading and unloading): RAMS is able to work without the assistance of an operator, recognizing the footwear and automatically choosing the working program.

Designed to replace an entire production process or part of it, RAMS includes machines specialized in different production phases (lasting, bottom processing and heat treatment) and anthropomorphic robots, equipped with developed ad hoc handling devices to allow the correct processing of the footwear on the last, in addition to carriages and warehouses for the storage of goods and a control system that coordinates and manages the various components. The different modules that compose the cell can be assembled in a flexible way, according to the production needs, and added also in subsequent moments.

RAMS represents the idea of ​​a more and more flexible and interconnectedfactory of the future, able to integrate the demand for an increasingly unique and personalized product with the needs of an industrial process.

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