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On 11-13 July, the CD3 TS2 model belonging to the CD Series of Atom MB was shown to the visitors of Shoes & Leather Vietnam. This machine, compatible with the Industry 4.0 standards, allows for the simultaneous roughing-cementing and rough milling-cementing of the shoe bottom, thanks to two operating heads working on two last holding cart.

Among all its +PLUS, there is the self-learning of the shoe profile by pen, and automatic calculation of the inclination of the tools, all conveniently managed  by touchscreen. Furthermore, it’s possible the speed setting for the rotation of the roughing brush/tool and an internal system for dust collection and motorization updated with software for the encoder reading is provided.

The CD3 TS2 model has a 15’’ touchscreen monitor, in ergonomic position, with Windows updated operating system which provides data rescue system and updates by USB support. Thanks to the remote assistance by Teamviewer, CD3 TS2 users can have a quick and immediate technical support. In this way it’s so simple the identification of maintenance and processing problems.

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