Rams – Robot Assisted Manufacturing System, is a modular system for the processing of footwear that integrates machines specialized in production operations and anthropomorphic robots for the handling of footwear between one operation and the next.

The system has been designed to offer the best in terms of flexibility, using the available operating technology at its best and eliminating low value-added operations, in particular the loading and unloading of the machines, and to be integrated into existing production systems.

The machines work in “unattended” mode, recognizing the shoe through RF tags and consequently automatically choosing the work program and the correct sequence of operations to be performed.

Atom MB is the only company currently able to offer a totally integrated system in its various components, relying on decades of experience in the production of machines for the footwear industry and on the expertise in the robotic manipulation developed by Atom Lab.



The system uses «modules» (machines, robots, buffers), which can be produced in the best way according to production needs, and can only cover part or the entire production process.
It can be inserted into existing and consolidated production processes to maximize the investments already made.
It is adaptable to any type and production mix, in particular thanks to the use of existing forms, without then investing in new or modified forms.


The system can be implemented in successive phases, so as to correctly calibrate the investment and guarantee returns in a short time.
The system can cover the entire production process or only one phase of the same.


All components communicate with each other within a shared control framework that can be easily integrated into existing production systems.



Control and management system of flows and information among the various components



Specialized machines in:
▶ Assembly
▶ Bottom processing
▶ Heat treatment



Anthropomorphic robots sized on the specific manipulation and / or transfer operation to be performed. The robots are equipped with prearmers developed ad hoc for the correct manipulation of the fit shoe, in order to ensure that it is not damaged in any way



Trolleys, conveyors, configurable warehouses according to the needs of the process